Character Show the care of the kid at night you can in such a way to what to you manages Zaimev of the child more, you inevitably get army of advisers experts, which know how to force your child to fall asleep and not to wake up while you will not wish it.

Different children have a different temperament, and in each family the features therefore only the correct way to help the kid to fall asleep are not present, but it is possible to find a right approach to this problem.

Character of the child, certainly, influences how he sleeps.

Parents have relation to a dream, the habits with which too it is necessary to be considered.

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An illness

An illnessWhen your child is convinced that his illness punishment for bad acts, it pain perceives fault atonement.

The sick kid suffers very often not only only from the main symptoms of the disease, but also because that life changes the habitual rhythm.

An illness facet its impellent activity, and the main thing game.

And without game the child does not live rather is real .

And it everything causes again in it a number of negative emotions, which at it and so already a bouquet.

And negative emos of a tsiya, according to scientists, sharply reduce reactance a ganizm and are reflected on immunological probably the child, having created a favorable background for lengthening of terms of a clinical course.

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The niya

The niya As a rule, sky pressure at girls is usually lower in comparison with boys on mm of a mercury column.

Digestive organs.

the niya food razmelcheniya participates in the initial stage zubochelyustny SI which at preschool age undergoes the chitelny changes connected with replacement of a milk teeth on constants.

That the child well chewed food, it is necessary to watch correctness a bite niya.

Digestion in an organism of the child cannot without sufficient secretion of a saliva and digestive juice.

However at children year age ny activity of digestive juice is insignificant, and it the increased absorbability of walls of intestines against the underdeveloped nervous device, by one of the reasons of various diseases but an intestinal path of the child is noted.

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Everything It is impossible to take another's things without demand, purposely to break toys, it is impossible to sit down to table with dirty hands, to go the dirty.

Everything that does not put direct or indirect harm to the child and people around, it is possible! Remember itself! After all you too often would like to make something forbidden, but so attractive, for example to lick icicles, to go on pools etc.

Your child differs nothing from you.

Remember the childhood and allow the kid to enjoy life.

Eventually, you perfectly understand that if it wanders on pools, you will not decrease, unless it is more than washin but the child will be happy.

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There are products

There are productsFor understanding of tactics of a food of children at an allergy, in particular children after a year, below we provide quite unique both own data, and collected and systematized by authors from a set of sources.

There are products even groups of products which can not only strengthen allergic reaction of an organism, but also to cause food allergy.

Allergenic action albuminous animals and vegetative products, to a lesser extent some uglevodisty components possess generally.

More often I cause socalled obligate i.


obligatory, almost always the defiant .

ENTSIKLOPEAIYA allergy an aller genes R , eg chicken, a zither sovy, , honey, chocolate, and also regularly used products of a daily food, such as cow milk, sugar, apples, potatoes, carrots, a buckwheat, wheat flour.

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